• What to Do with Stale Bread

    Or: Cutting Down on the Guilt of Throwing Away Food

    2018年4月25日 · Buns
    I learned about hot cross buns in books, where I learned about many things I never saw in real...
    "I Buy Fancy Bread Just to Let It Grow Stale. Here’s Why." https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/01...
    2018年2月27日 · Recipes
    Somewhere there's a statistic about how many people celebrate Mardi Gras, no doubt. I'd be more...
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  • One of my kids works the counter at a bakery that concentrates on bread and also turns out donuts, pastries, deli items, cookies, cakes, etc. He can't stand to see things get tossed because they're aging (gives me hope that he won't give me the big heave-ho when I get old). So he brings home what gets left. And I deal with it. We share a lot of it. I try different recipes. I can't send you the food, but I can share the recipes.

    Meet the writer - Lois M. Baron

    Writer. Food slave.

    • Favorite event of the year: The Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City for food professionals only.
    • One husband, two twenty-something kids, three cats.
    • Baking is my superpower. What's yours?
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